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From a business perspective our country and the world is facing trying economic times. Covid-19 is certainly one of those unexpected events that very few people are ready for.


We are facing a pandemic that’s unfortunately going to have a very severe impact on the economy and what we know as a norm currently.


We wish all our clients and businesses well in these trying times and we wish to encourage everybody to keep productive where at all possible.


We have set our offices up in a manner to enable us to still operate from home and wish to advise that the normal compliance procedures for businesses have not been suspended.  All PAYE, UIF, income tax and all other tax liabilities needs to be kept up to date.


In light of this all our essential staff is operating from home and has full access to our servers and documentation needed. They will be available on their normal email addresses and on Skype. Should you have difficulty to get hold of any staff member you can contact any one of the partners. Roelf on 082 782 1753 or Maryna 072 142 9791


It seems like the internet is experiencing some pressures resulting from abnormal loads on the system. We will address this and work around it as much as possible.  We do request our clients to keep up to date and send the required information to us asap as undue delays will not make it possible for us to comply at the end of April.


We will be posting relevant information as we get it.  The procedures to access some of the relief set out by government and other role players is at this stage not clear. As we receive the specific directives from our institutes and from SARS and all other relevant parties, we will post these documents on our website and also post it on our Facebook pages.


Please be ensured that we as a company are still committed to servicing our clients and will do so in the best way possible in the circumstances.



Good Luck and stay save.


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